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Clear culture of leadership in turbulent times

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Peter F. Drucker, pioneer of modern management theory, coined the saying culture eats strategy for breakfast.” To ensure success of your strategies, you need a corporate culture where change and innovation can flourish. I know from experience that transformation projects that were started a long time ago only later became successful when the issue of leadership culture was addressed and new answers discovered.


Clear leadership culture in turbulent times

Issues that may concern you if you want a leadership culture where your strategy survives:

* You are dealing with strategically important projects that require significant change and are wondering how you can bring together the directives outlined from above with more bottom-up team participation.

* You have implemented clear change processes, are implementing them consistently and yet the results are not delivered as expected.

* You want more agile responses in your organisation when it is necessary to implement change. In order to be able to do so you want teams that react independently and creatively to challenges and team leaders who initiate and control this at eye level.

Or are there other issues that concern you with regard to corporate culture? Let’s talk about it.



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