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New in leadership

The role. The team. The organization

Taking on a management role for the first time means facing up to new professional challenges. Your technical expertise that helped you gain more responsibility now takes a back seat. Instead, your leadership skills are in demand. Developing these skills does not happen automatically, but it is not magic either – becoming a leader is a mission. In my 20 years of carrying out management tasks, I’ve come to learn that: successful leadership requires a reflective attitude, clarity of roles, empathy and communication skills.


New in leadership

Challenges you may encounter as a new manager:

* You want to develop your attitude towards leadership and clarify your new role but are not sure how.

* You are wondering how you will work successfully with your former colleagues now that you are more senior.

* You find yourself in the often-mentioned “sandwich” position: you manage a team while also being managed. In your new role, you must  represent your team within the organization with strategies that are not necessarily yours to begin with. Simple communication works differently.

Or are there other issues that concern you in your new professional situation? Let’s talk about it.


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