…like hosting a television show. As a host of a 30-minute television news magazine, I saw myself as the connector between various news reports and studio guests. My job was to frame and contextualise a seemingly random collection of topics to create a coherent show. The way to do this was to be sure of how I wanted to begin and end the show and then leave room for adaptation and spontaneity since it would have been impossible to plan every little detail of a live show. Now, this mirrors my attitude towards “leadership”: as a leader, I bring the most diverse people in the team into a conversation to work together and achieve shared goals; I shape and articulate the framework, offer direction and allow space for ideas and creativity. And yes – I do understand how this can seem like a somewhat unusual comparison. If you’re interested, you can read more about it here: https://new-d.de/was-moderne-fuehrung-mit-moderation-zu-tun-hat-brigitta-nickelsen-von-radio-bremen-im-gespraech/