Effective (career) self-management and effective leadership in turbulent times. I plan to talk about this on 1st December 2020 at the Hamburg Business Professional Women’s club evening, which will take place virtually (http://www.bpw-hh.de/veranstaltungen/). My first experience with the art of putting myself into another’s shoes and thereby initiating successful dialogue was many years ago. I worked as a television news journalist and had the opportunity to interview many live guests. When meeting new people to talk about topics close to their heart, I learned to put myself into their mindset and go from there. This facilitated open and meaningful discussions during live broadcasts. The same logic applied on my own career path when I was having discussions with decision-makers. Later, as a woman in a leadership position, I recognised again that when I empathised with the perspective of the employee, my direct superior or other stakeholders and adjusted my communication accordingly, I achieved a lot more—sometimes more than I thought was even possible. I’m looking forward to an exciting, lively virtual club evening – women only.